Meet Our Team

Haley Craig, Owner / Swim Instructor
Hey, I'm Haley!
The owner of Haley's Little Fish. I have taught lessons for the past 17 years. In 2017 after I had my daughter, I decided it was something that has always been my passion, and I wanted to jump right back into it. That's when I created Haley's Little Fish LLC. We have successfully taught over thousands of kids in Baldwin County and surrounding areas, and I am SO incredibly proud. Watching my students learn life-saving skills is the most rewarding job in the world. Knowing that I play a part in their life that is potentially life-saving is one of the many reasons I love my job. We have children of all ages and abilities, and working one on one with them and developing relationships is so important to me. We are so excited to continue to grow this company and reach more families month after month. Thank you to everyone who chooses Haley's Little Fish every session.
We wouldn't be able to do this without any of you!

Ashley Voelker, Manager / Swim Instructor

Hey y'all, I'm Ashley!

I am so excited to have the privilege to teach your awesome kiddos to float and swim. I am the proud mom of a spectacular little girl who is a Haley's Little Fish graduate! I will be the first to tell you that I was apprehensive when we enrolled because she was already 2, but Haley C and Haley M were both so sweet and patient with my little girl. I was amazed at what she could do at 2 years old in just a few weeks! I learned that it was a process but one that was well worth it. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5, and I am so proud to be a part of an organization that wants to change that statistic! I can't wait to get to know you and your kiddos and do everything that I can to make sure that they are safe in the water!


Katelyn Abernathy, Swim Instructor

Hey, I’m Katelyn!

My passion for teaching swim lessons came shortly after watching my daughter learn how to float at 8 months old. Like most of our parents, I began in mommy and me lessons and was amazed at how much the babies could learn at such a young age. After finishing the mommy and me classes, I began training with Haley Craig. In this training, I learned how vital and life-saving these skills are to children. I have worked with children of all ages and skill levels. I truly enjoy helping children overcome their fears, challenge themselves, and reach their goals. Watching children who were once scared to be in the water; now smile and love the water is why I love my job.

Madyson Gatlin, Swim Instructor

Hey, I’m Madyson!

I am a mother of two boys and a part of the HLF family for over a year. I've always loved taking my oldest to lessons and watching Haley. I have always had an interest in survival swimming after having my oldest son because I wanted to be able to teach him something that I knew one day could save his life. I'm so grateful for Haley taking a chance on me and offering me to join her amazing team. I love working with children, and it has always been my passion. It's something about teaching this life-saving skill that is so fulfilling. Working with HLF has hands down been my favorite job ever. I can't wait to meet your little ones and teach them this life-saving skill!





Robin Reed, Swim Instructor 

Hey, I’m Robin!

Growing up, I lived at the pool or beach during the summer months, so swimming has always been a part of my life. When my family got a pool in our backyard I first learned the importance of swim safety and even helped my mom teach neighborhood kids how to swim so they could be safe in our pool. When I got to college and needed a summer job, I couldn’t think of anything better than being near the water, so I became a lifeguard. My passion and awareness grew into making sure people were safe in and around the pool! From then on, I have always had an interest in teaching others and I am so excited I get the opportunity to teach your kids the lifelong skill of swimming! Thanks to Haley’s Little Fish, I am able to make a difference in your child’s lives.




Megan Miller, Swim Instructor

Hey, I’m Megan!

Growing up on the water in Hawaii and the Florida Keys, I learned very early on the importance of water safety. As a former nanny and scuba diving instructor, teaching children has always been a passion of mine and making a difference in a child’s outlook on the water is what I strive for. My daughter has been enrolled since she was 11 months old. As a parent, it has been so amazing to see her progress in such a short amount of time, and it is relieving to know that she is always safe! Directly observing the kids love for the water and their increasing level of comfort with lessons made me realize just how rewarding job this is. I could not be more thrilled that I am helping to make a difference in children’s lives and ensuring their safety. HLF provides life-saving skills that are NECESSARY for our babies and I am so honored to be a part of it!


Montana Williams, OTR/L, Swim Instructor/Certified Swim Whisperer®

Hi! My name is Montana Williams.

I was born and raised in Citronelle, Alabama, and I have been a resident of Daphne for the past 10 years. I am married, and I have two little girls. I have the joy of being a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and I have 10+ years experience providing services to children, and families, with special needs. I currently work as needed as an OT at Let’s Play Therapy Center in Spanish Fort. Recently, I received my Swim Angelfish® Swim Whisperers®  adaptive swim instructor certification.  It is such an honor to have the opportunity to merge two of my passions together; all ability kids and water safety. God has abundantly blessed me with my skills, love for children, patience, and desire to help all children succeed, no matter their circumstances. My passion for water safety began five years ago at HLF when I first placed my child in Haley’s hands for survival swimming. Since that point, both of my girls have been through swim school, and they are little fishies. Water safety is imperative in our community, and every child deserves the opportunity to safely interact with the water. Furthermore, every parent should have reassurance that if their child found themselves in a water situation, that they would survive. Research shows that 90% of  pediatric deaths within the Autism Spectrum population occur from accidental water incidents. This number is staggering. My hope is to bring that number down in our area by providing water survival instruction to all of my little friends with special needs. These needs may include sensory needs, behavioral difficulties, musculoskeletal deformities, genetic anomalies, developmental delay, anxiety, etc. I will meet your child where they are, and provide adaptations/ modifications in order to help your child retain, and use, swim instruction. No two kids are alike, and no two lessons will be identical. I will use a variety of strategies from environmental modifications, sensory regulation techniques, therapeutic use of self, visual and auditory processing interventions, and physical equipment as needed to ensure success and skill retention. Furthermore, I will accept all clients, with medical clearance, including children who have previously not been successful with swim lessons. I cannot promise a time frame for success, but I can promise you that I will work endlessly to ensure that your special little fishie is safe in the water. I will walk with you through the journey, and reassure you every step of the way. Remember, the process is long, but the journey is worth it. I cannot wait to meet you, and your gift of a child.