Here are Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign-up for lessons?
Here on the website, click on the sign-up tab. 
When are sign-ups?
Sign-ups are every month on the 19th. At noon, the website will be available for current monthly swimming families, and at 5:00 pm it will open for new families. 
How much are swim lessons?
Our lessons are twice a week for 4 weeks which is a total of 8 lessons for $240.
How many days a week do you offer lessons?
We offer lessons twice a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. We also offer once-a-week weekend and drop-in lessons as well!
How long are the lessons?
Survival lessons are 10 minutes. Advanced lessons are 20 minutes. Parent and me lessons are 20-25 minutes.
How long does it take for them to learn?
All children are different but typically 2-3 months.
Do you offer weekend swim lessons?
We offer lessons every Friday and Saturday.
How should I prepare for lessons?
Your child will need to be wearing two reusable diapers. Do not feed your child for 3 hours before their lesson. Do not allow fruit, vegetables, meat, or milk products for 4 hours before the lesson. (This includes formula, milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt). 

What do we need to bring to swim lessons?
Swimsuit, towel, two reusable diapers (if not potty trained), and change of clothes.  

Which reusable diapers?  
First layer (underneath)
 Second Layer (outer) 
Link Here
What happens if we have to miss a lesson?
We want to do everything we can for your child to be successful in our lessons and their attendance is necessary for success. While it is best for your child to not miss any scheduled lessons, we understand that things happen. We require at MINIMUM 3 hours notice prior to an absence for us to issue you a makeup class.  Only one unexcused absence will be issued a makeup class.  Any class that the proper notice is provided and a doctor's note is given will receive a makeup class.  This notice MUST be sent via the Facebook page. That makeup class is valid for 14 days for a weekend or drop-in class.
What if they are not potty trained?
If your child is not potty trained, we ask that you put 2 reusable swim diapers on your child for each lesson.  These can be found in the links above!
Can we take pictures and videos during the lessons?
Yes, of course! Be sure to tag us in them when you show off our kiddo on Facebook/Instagram.