General Information Inquiry

Thanks for reaching out for more information about our program here at Haley’s Little Fish!  
We are excited that you are taking the first steps to make sure that your child/children are safe and confident in and around water. 

Below you will find information on our lessons and the way that our program works!


How it works – We teach ALL of our children basic water safety.  Depending on the age of the child will depend on the technique that we use to teach them these life saving skills in the event that they ever had an aquatic emergency or accident.  For our tiniest fish, starting at 6 months of age with the ability to roll over from side to side, we teach them to float first.  This means that your child will be able to find their air independently if they ever find themselves in water alone.  For our children that are able to walk, we teach them to swim and float in a combination process.  We have found that giving the children that are a little older the confidence at an early age to swim and then find their air independently makes it more fun initially and in the long run!  Once a child has successfully mastered this portion of our program, your instructor would then discuss with you the options going forward with our advanced lessons, stroke classes, swim team prep and fun groups!  


Days – We offer what we call sessions.  These are 8 classes that meet either one Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  The lessons will be at the same time of day on each of those two days for 4 weeks consecutively.  We offer lessons in the mornings, afternoons and evenings to try to accommodate as best we can.


Times & Duration – All of our lessons are 10 minutes long to ensure the safety of our students.  While 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time to you and me, it is a lot for our fish that are learning during this time.  We have found that short, repetitive lessons are the most successful way for a child to learn and maintain these skills.  Once a child has mastered the swim float combination, your instructor will discuss the possibilities of our advanced lessons that begin a 20 minute duration.  These advanced lessons are based on age and ability and are not suited for all children.


Weekend and Drop-in Lessons – We know life is busy and we want lessons to be accessible to every child possible.  With this in mind, we offer weekend lessons on Friday afternoons and evenings and Saturday mornings along with Drop-in lessons that are available as we have openings in our schedules throughout the week.  These times are great for first-time lessons or for those who have busy and irregular schedules!



-Monthly Sessions – We enroll monthly for our sessions meaning that you are only committing to one month at a time.  Our signups take place on the 19th of every month for the following session.  For example, on December 19th, we would open signups for our January Session.  All of our signups take place on our website, under the signup tab or on the home page.  Signups are available at Noon for families that are returning from the previous session and at 5:00 pm, the website will open to all families wishing to join us!


-Weekend Lessons – Signups for our weekend lessons are EVERY Sunday at Noon for the following weekend!  These lessons are great for families that have busy schedules and need a more flexible option.  Weekend lessons are booked one weekend at a time.


-Drop-in Lessons – Drop-in lessons are something that we offer as our schedules allow during the week.  Signups for these lessons are also at Noon EVERY Sunday.  Times available for these lessons will vary from day to day and week to week so we suggest that you check the website often as they availability for these is ever changing.


Cost – Our monthly sessions are $248.00 for the full 4 week session (8 lessons) and our weekend and drop-in lessons are $37.00 per lesson.  Please ask us about payment options if needed.  We want lessons to be available to all children in our community.


Location – We are so excited to have an indoor facility that we are able to teach in ALL year long!  Our address is 7942 American Way, Daphne, AL 36526!  


Let us know if you have any questions!  We are happy to help and look forward to meeting you and your family soon!